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Dimension Wars: The Basics

Dimension Wars: Basics

Dimension Wars is a complicated game played from 2 to 6 players.Each player creates there own world on a paper/white bored.Each world must have 3 biomes, buildings, recourses, and characters.Each player can create there own three characters but they must be in the limits of the rules.When the game has started no one can join(just in case one players health is low no one can join and finish him).Players can also create there own cards and abilities (characters are on cards)within the limits of the rules.Well that's all for now for further info read the rules but if you think you already understand have fun destroying your enemies in Dimension Wars.

Dimension Wars: How to play

Dimension Wars: How to play
It is easy and simple. Each player does two phases until one or all of them lose all three characters. First you go through the Buffing phase then the Attacking phase if you are playing teams you can buff your teammate with your own cards. Then you and your teammate attack together in the Attacking phase.

Dimension Wars: Rules

Dimension Wars:Rules

Setting Up:
All worlds must have 3 or less characters, buildings, biomes, and recourses.Each biome must have only one building character and recourse and biomes must be vertical to each other.Each item must have a name.Only characters can switch biomes during the buffing phase.

Buffing Phase:
This phase happens before the player goes into the Attacking phase.This prepares the attackers with cards that upgrade attacks and effects or shield you from the opponents next attack.

Attacking Phase:
During the Attacking phase many things can happen when you are being attacked you can use effects and abilities to defend your self.Also during the Attacking phase you can activate buildings with abilities.You may not apply buffs or shields in your hand during the Attacking phase.First attacker is decided by players.

Recourses can be used to upgrade characters and there shield (ex: DarkWizard + grave yard = raise dead).

Buildings can be used to heal or boost attacks for characters (ex:Injured warrior +fountain of healing heals 5 health every turn).

Creating Characters:
Creating characters is an easy thing to do but of corse there has to be limitations.First of all you can not make them OP(over powered).Must be a Ranged Mage or Melee class.
They cannot be invincible to all elements only 1 to 3.They must have a name just no bad or dirty words.If making a melee class they can do 10 damage or lower.Mage damage depend on the card.Ranged do 5 damage. The max health is 500 or lower.
And don't forget that even thou the classes may do little damage there are cards that can up the damage.The Mage must have only 1 default spell just in case you run out of spell cards the max damage for the default is 8.

Weapon Effects:
Effects from a weapon can only last up to 3 turns(ex: Buffing Phase: Warrior + flaming sword = Flame Blade attack+ attacking = 30 fire damage and 5 damage each turn for three turn due to burning). Effects can only do 1 to 10 damage.

Creating Cards:
Ranged Card Rules:Cards created for the Ranged class only can change the damage or ammo effect.The max card upgrade damage is 5 to 25.

Melee Card Rules:
Cards created for the Melee class can only change the damage or effect of the weapon.The max card upgrade damage is 10 to 35.

Mage Card Rules:
Cards created for the Mage class are spells.The spells can curse damage or disable the enemy.When cursing it can only last 1 to 3 turns same with disabling.damaging spells can only do 9 to 30 damage.Disabling spells can only stop the player from attacking

Shield Card Rules:
These cards can be stacked to protect against Melee Ranged and Mage attacks also elemental protection (fire, earth, water, wind, lightning) you can even stack enough to completely bypass a attack but they only protect 1 to 6 damage.And protect against one element or class never the tow.After the card has been used you must put the card in the graveyard.

Mage Spell Card Rules:
All mage spells must use only one of these five elements Fire Water Earth Wind Lightning.Each spell can have one effect (ex:fire spell = burning for three turns.)but if the enemy is invincible to the element the attack is reduced by 10and leave no effect. Also the Mage can Summon allies(ex.Mage casts call of phenix 1 phenix flys to yours side.)but can only summon up to 3 allies and they all do 5 damage unless buffed by Mage.

Mage buffs can be applied to allies but can only increase damage or shield by 5 and cannot stack or give effects.

Effect Card Rules:
Card effects can only be used to alter the field and place traps.Once a trap has been activated it must go to the graveyard.Field effects can only last up to 3 turns.If the field effect damages it must damage all (ex.Earth Quake = all buildings fall, Drought = all vegetation dies, Meteor Shower = all characters take 100 damage then 15 every turn from burning for three turns.)After the effect card is finished it must go the the graveyard and effect cards are the only cards that can destroy buildings and recourses.

Revive Cards:
There are tow kinds of revive cards.Revive cards can not be revived.(Revive Card 1 ex.Grave Robber + DEAD Character = living Character and Grave Robber in graveyard)(Revive Card 2 ex.Repair Man + used Trap Card = Trap Card and Repair Man in graveyard.)And Revive Cards can only be used once on a character and trap never twice.(To keep the game short.)Effect and spell card cannot be revive

Card Placement:
In front of you is your world or field below that you may place up to five trap cards in a horizontal line on the left of the traps is the graveyard where all used cards go on the right is the deck that contain Mage spells Effect cards Trap cards and Buffing cards.You hold six cards in your hand when the game starts you mix up your cards and draw five.Each time it's your turn you draw cards until you have six if you already do have six you must discard a card into the grave yard and draw one from the deck the building card recourses card character card is placed in a biome until destroyed.

It is easy to win the game all you have to do is kill all your opponents Characters.This could take 10 to 30 minuets depending on how meany people play.If the opponent doesn't have a card in hand to revive a Character.YOU WIN!!!

You can play up to teams of three.When in the buffing stage you can use your own buffing cards on your own teammates then at the attacking phase unleash all your teams strength and maybe you can take out a character in one turn.If one of your teammates characters die you can use your own reive card on them but not on your teammates trap.

It is possible that when using an effect card you damage all characters so you can kill your own and your own teams witch ends up in a Tie then if this happens then you have a 1v1 battle with one character on trap or effect cards first you each buff then then you both attack the first attacker is the one hows first letter of there name comes first in the alphabet.

The Deck:
The deck it can only have 10 Trap cards or lower 35 Spell cards or lower 6 Effect cards or lower and 50 Buff and Shield cards or lower and 5 Revive cards.
The buildings, recourses, and characters do not belong in the deck they are to be placed on field or world right away once the building and recourse is placed it cannot be moved.

It is also optional to color code cards.


Just finished writing out everything. Going to start making cards. Will explain the game in the next post. For now, enjoy this elevator music.

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